Our Partners

BeamXpertDESIGNER is is used productively by numerous companies and research institutions. Here is the list of clients we are proud to name as our valued partners.

The applications developed with BeamXpertDESIGNER range from the verification of measuring station concepts, the design of micro-optics for the shaping of laser diode radiation, visualization and animation of optical systems (cw lasers and ultra-short pulse lasers) in material processing, as well as the design of beam paths in system engineering to tolerance analysis in product development.

The evaluations of our testimonials on BeamXpertDESIGNER support the statements made by beta testers in a survey regarding the benefits of the software.

We would also like to add your company as a valued partner! Please get in contact for more details.

BeamXpertDESIGNER - Logos of our partners (BFB, eagleyard, FBH, FISBA, IFSW, Innovavent, LaserAnimation Sollinger, Picoquant, sicoya, TRUMPF and II-VI Directphotonics)

Our Partners

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