BeamXpertDESIGNER - functionally adapted to the user

BeamXpertDESIGNER is functionally adapted exactly to the needs of laser developers and users and enables 3D real-time simulation.

Users in industry and research regularly face the challenge of designing optical systems for the propagation and guidance of laser radiation.

BeamXpertDESIGNER firstly uses a relatively simple mathematical approach ("Beam" model) to enable very fast calculation, so that the effect of the optical system on the properties of the laser beam can be calculated and displayed virtually in real time.

Thus, users can "touch" and "move" all components directly, as in a CAD program for mechanical design, and immediately see the effects on the beam path both visually and numerically.

In this respect BeamXpertDESIGNER differs from all other commercial available optical simulation programs on the market, where the input parameters have to be entered laboriously and the presentation of the results is noticeably delayed due to the conventional modelling method.

In this way, users can design optical systems in a very short period of time, e.g:

  • collimation of laser radiation,
  • creation of laser beams with defined waist diameters or Rayleigh lengths at predefined positions in the space,
  • elimination or production of astigmatism of laser beams and
  • manipulation of the beam direction in a specific way.

It is also possible to check in a short time ("Ray" model), how

  • small deviations in position, orientation or condition of optical components affect the result (tolerance analysis),
  • the optical system reacts to different wavelengths (achromasia), and
  • deviations in the beam parameters of the laser sources are noticeable (tolerance analysis).

Therefore, BeamXpertDESIGNER allows the fast and efficient design of optical systems for laser radiation.

The following base objects can be used in BeamXpertDESIGNER:

  • laser beam sources
  • screens
  • thin lenses
  • thick lenses (also as mirror)
  • aspherical lenses (also as mirrors)
  • beam splitter cubes
  • prisms
  • gratings
  • apertures.

All objects can be grouped, saved and cloned.

BeamXpertDESIGNER provides the following information (applying the "Beam" model):

  • complete beam path in complex systems (incl. multiple reflections)
  • beam positions and directions
  • beam diameter (at any position)
  • beam divergences
  • beam waists: positions, diameters and Rayleigh lengths

respectively (using the "Ray" model):

  • determination of aberrations
  • optimized design of aspherical components
  • transmission through apertures
  • efficiency of multi-mode fiber coupling
  • TEM00 power confinement with single-mode fiber coupling.

The component database of BeamXpertDESIGNER contains 17,955 components of the following suppliers:

A vendor-independent search for suitable lenses can be carried out by specifying various criteria. In addition, most components are linked to the suppliers' websites. The data records are kept up to date with the help of the companies referred to.


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