Changelog - BeamXpertDESIGNER

The additional features of BeamXpertDESIGNER at a glance

Version 0.90.15 (10-25-2019)

  • New Feature: The surfaces of cylindrical "AsphericLens" objects can now have different horizontal und vertical curvatures. This allows, among other things, the definition of saddle surfaces.
  • New Feature: The surfaces of "ThickLens" objects can be decentered in horizontal or vertical direction. This allows, among other things, the definition of off-axis parabolic mirrors (conic constant = -1).
  • New Feature: Added a direct link to the change-log page at to the help menu.
  • Bug fix: The improved performance of the SetupViewer in version 0.90.14 had the impact that the lables of some objects were no longer displayed.
  • Bug fix: For clone objects, the attributes "Active", "Hidden" and "Ignored" were taken from the master object instead of from the clone object.
  • Optical components library: Added catalogs of the suppliers "OptoSigma" and "LASER2000".
  • User interface: Many cosmetic improvements.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.90.14 (09-13-2019)

  • Zemax(TM) Import: Improved import from ZMX format. Added support for ZAR format (archieved Zemax(TM) files). Display of detailed list of errors that may have occurred during import. Please note: the import filters are continuously improved. ZMX or ZAR files submitted by users that have not been imported correctly will allow to further improve the filter function.
  • Zemax(TM) Export: Some improvements.
  • Update function: Network access to files for necessary updating switched from FTP to HTTPS.
  • Encrypted Groups: Groups can now be encrypted with a user name and a password. This allows save transfer of objects or of whole setups to third parties who then can work with these objects without having access to the exact specification.
  • CloneObjects: Nesting of CloneObjects now possible, i.e. CloneObjects or Groups containing CloneObjects can be cloned.
  • Setup Viewer: Improved performance when drawing a large number of objects.
  • Numeric input controls: Bug fixes.
  • Screen Viewer: Profiles can now be displayed in false colors. Use the General Settings and/or the context menu of the beam profile display to switch between grayscale and false colors.
  • Screen Viewer: Bug fixes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Plenty of rearrangements under the hood.

Version 0.90.13 (05-31-2019)

  • Zemax(TM) Export: Improved the deployment of files necessary for export to Zemax and adapted it to the requirements of newer Zemax(TM) versions.

Version 0.90.12 (05-21-2019)

  • Zemax(TM) Export: Fixed a bug that prevented copying files necessary for export to Zemax.
  • Installer: Significantly faster now. Doesn't delete any longer user created folders in "c:\Program Files (x86)\BeamXpertDESIGNER\Catalogs".

Version 0.90.11 (05-18-2019)

  • Optical Components library: Corrected faulty links of components from Qioptiq to a wrong web page.
  • Screen viewer: Functionless "Auto center" feature in the "Profile" section is now working.
  • New Feature: "Dependency Viewer". Allows the automatic variation of any parameter and the determination of the dependent change of another parameter. Watch this video for more details: dependency viewer.
  • Object browser: Focal lengths in the result List are now updated when the default wavelength is modified.
  • New Feature: If a beam hits an object whose refractive index cannot be determined for the wavelength of that beam, the beam stops at that object.
  • New Feature: "Caustic Viewer". Beam propagation can be displayed as a 2D-graph showing the beam diameter as a function of the propagation distance. Watch this video for more details: caustic viewer.
  • Zemax(TM) import: some improvements (still far from being perfect).
  • Several other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 0.90.10 (02-13-2019)

  • New Object "Coordinate Break": CoordinateBreak objects provides the following options:
   - Transversal displacement of incident beams
   - Tilting of incident beams
   - Virtual z-propagation on incident beams
   The first two options are useful for tolerance investigations. The third option is useful for shortening setups that are very long in the z-direction.
  • Export to Zemax(TM) now available:
   - Save setups in Zemax(TM) format (if possible)
   - Directly send setups to a running Zemax(TM) instance
  • Bugfix: under some conditions the direct link to the vendors webpage for components of the optical components library didn´t work.
  • Bugfix: programm crash on raytracing under some special conditions
  • Slightly increased performance by avoiding unnessary redraws

Version 0.90.09 (12-10-2018)

  • Bugfix: Invalid Raytracing on Prism objects. Under some circumstances, hits with prism surfaces were not detected.
  • Clone objects can now be replaced by (steady) copies of their master object, hence breaking the connection to the master object.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Version 0.90.07

  • Optical components library updated:
    • Added the following catalog:
      • Bernhard Halle Nachf.
  • Components from the optical components library offer now a direct link to the vendor´s webpage of that component (wherever it is possible).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.90.06

  • Optical components library updated:
    • Removed all previous (outdated) components librarys
  • Added the following up-to-date catalogs:
    • Asphericon
    • Edmund Optics
    • Eksmaoptics
    • Newport
    • Qioptiq
    • Ross Optical

Note: The Thorlabs(TM) catalog is no longer included for licensing reasons. Please contact our support for further information on this issue.

Version 0.90.05

  • Improved handling of license key errors
  • Bugfix: Invalid Raytracing inside Prism objects. Hits with prism surfaces were partially not detected.
  • Bugfix: In Screen-Viewer, spot diagram: Total power coupled in multi-mode fibers has been dsplayed in percentage instead of absolute units.
  • Bugfix: In Screen-Viewer, spot diagram: Relative power coupled in multi-mode fibers has been given relative to single emitter power instead of complete source power.
  • Bugfix: In Screen-Viewer, spot diagram: Program crash when trying to calculate guess value for TEM00 content under some circumstances.

Version 0.90.03

  • Bugfix: minor bug concerning product activation

Version 0.90.02

  • Bugfix: Program crash on beam or ray incidence angles very close to 90°