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The BeamXpertDESIGNER software simulates the propagation of laser radiation through optical systems in real time, offers intuitive operation with CAD-like 3D representation and speaks the language of laser technology. The easy learnability and the pronounced interactivity make it possible to achieve precise results quickly.

Outcome: Increased added value through significantly accelerated workflow!


BeamXpertDESIGNER - Simulation Software for Laser Beam Propagation

The easy-to-learn software BeamXpertDESIGNER is exactly adapted to the needs of laser developers and users and the very fast basic algorithm enables 3D real-time simulation.

Users in industry and research regularly face the challenge of designing optical systems for the propagation and guidance of laser radiation.

However, previous optical simulation programs have been difficult to learn, complicated to use, slow to respond and did not meet the special requirements of users in the field.

BeamXpertDESIGNER provides parameters such as beam diameter, waist position and Rayleigh length as well as additional beam propagation parameters in accordance with ISO 11145 and 11146 at any point in the optical setup.

This allows BeamXpertDESIGNER to quickly and efficiently design optical systems for laser radiation.

Slim and fast - focused on essential features

Learn laser simulation software BeamXpertDESIGNER quickly and operate it easily - achieve reliable results after one hour

Rapid to learn,
easy to use

After just 1 hour of training,
the first reliable results are obtained

Work quickly and easily with BeamXpertDESIGNER via drag & drop

Intuitive operating
with Drag & Drop

Direct clicking, moving and
rotating of optical components

Fast visual work with BeamXpertDESIGNER thanks to CAD-like representations

3D representation

Instructive visual work
with 3D objects

BeamXpertDESIGNER allows the simulation of optical systems for laser radiation in real time thanks to fast algorithms


Responsive basic algorithm
enables 3D real-time simulation

BeamXpertDESIGNER contains a database with optical components of important manufacturers like Edmund Optics, Newport, EKSMA, asphericon etc.


Integrate optical components
from common manufacturers

Fast analysis and optimization of optical system aberrations used for laser beams with BeamXpertDESIGNER software

under control

Optical system
easily analyzed and optimized

Laser beam parameters according to ISO 11145 and ISO 11146 are calculated and provided by BeamXpertDESIGNER

Results conforming
to laser standards

Output of laser beam parameters
according to ISO 11145 and 11146

Quickly design optical laser set-ups and export zmx files to other programs using BeamXpertDESIGNER

Frontend for
raytracing software

Create set-up quickly
and export as .zmx file

Testimonials' statements

"BeamXpertDESIGNER answers the majority of our questions about optical system analysis in a fraction of the time it takes to perform equivalent investigations with other optical software on the market."

D. Brinkmeier, IFSW
BeamXpertDESIGNER - Testimonial IFSW

"BeamXpertDESIGNER is an integral part of our development process of very complex laser beam sources for the generation of extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV) for wafer exposure. BeamXpertDESIGNER can visualize and analyze the 3D beam path at instantaneous speed from small functional prototypes to complete systems with more than 100 optical elements."

TRUMPF Lasersystems for Semiconductor Manufacturing GmbH
BeamXpertDESIGNER - Testimonial TRUMPF Semiconductor GmbH

"Good program for quick evaluation of beam paths."

Dr. T. Kettler, Sicoya GmbH
BeamXpertDESIGNER - Testimonial Sicoya GmbH

"BeamXpertDESIGNER has been an integral part of our research and development work since its first release: from simple simulation designs to complex pre-construction stages, the software has become an indispensable part of our everyday design and construction process for laser projectors."

H. Dittrich, Laser Animation Sollinger GmbH

BeamXpertDESIGNER - Laser Animation Sollinger GmbH

"10,000:1 is the typical aspect ratio of the output radiation of our Laser Line BeamSystems - BeamXpertDESIGNER can also process beam profiles with these extreme geometries."

Dr. R. Müller, Innovavent GmbH

BeamXpertDESIGNER - Testimonial Innovavent GmbH

"A further strength of BeamXpertDESIGNER is the comprehensive definition of various beam sources, such as Broad Area Laser, Tapered Laser/Amplifier and Single-Mode Laser. Even with elementary optical knowledge, significant results can be produced within a short time."

EAGLEYARD Photonics GmbH

BeamXpertDESIGNER - Testimonial EAGLEYARD Photonics GmbH

"As a developer of optical systems, the intuitive usage of BeamXpertDESIGNER and the associated "real-time visualization" in 3D is a great advantage."

Dr. N. Müller, II-VI GmbH
BeamXpertDESIGNER - Testimonial II-VI GmbH

Get to know BeamXpertDESIGNER

About us

Spin-off of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut

We are a team of PhD physicists with more than 50 years' experience in theoretical and practical laser physics who founded BeamXpert GmbH as a spin-off of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH).

Due to our daily work the lack of an easy-to-use simulation software for laser radiation which allows calculation of the propagation of laser beams in optical systems was regularly brought to our attention.

The company headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof in the city for science, economy and media offers us a stimulating scientific environment. A national and international network in research and industry guarantees us regular feedback on the daily use of our software.

FBH logo - Ferdinand Braun Institut, Leibniz Institute for Highest Frequency Technology, Spin-off BeamXpert GmbH with BeamXpertDESIGNER