Introducing the BeamXpert team

We would like to introduce ourselves: we are a team of PhD physicists with more than 50 years' experience in theoretical and practical laser physics who founded BeamXpert GmbH as a spin-off of the Ferdinand Braun Institut (FBH). Due to our daily work, the lack of an easy-to-use simulation software for laser radiation which allows calculation of the propagation of laser radiation in optical systems, was regularly brought to our attention.

The thematic focus of Dr. Eppich lies in basic theoretical knowledge of beam propagation and the development of software in the field of beam propagation and beam analysis as well as the design of optical set-ups. In the last few years he has co-authored important international industry standards in the field of laser beam characterization (e.g. ISO 11145 and ISO 11146).

Dr. Mann has extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in laser construction and the application of laser radiation for metrology applications and material processing. In addition to short pulse generation, he is particularly interested in nonlinear optics. He worked for longer periods at Technical University of Berlin, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and for shorter periods at FBH and in industry.

BeamXpert team in the staircase of the ZMM - Dr. Bernd Eppich and Dr. Guido Mann
Dr. Guido Mann and Dr. Bernd Eppich

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