The benefits of BeamXpertDESIGNER

The aim of the development of BeamXpertDESIGNER was to significantly simplify the design of optical systems for laser beam guidance and shaping in comparison to the standard procedure on the laser market on the one hand and to significantly accelerate the development process on the other.

The results of our online survey of 40 BeamXpertDESIGNER beta testers impressively prove that this was successful.

The testers reported that with BeamXpertDESIGNER they saved an average of 3 hours of working time per month. 12% of the beta testers even confirmed a monthly time saving of more than 10 hours.

26% of the testers use BeamXpertDESIGNER several times a week and 54% several times a month to solve their tasks.

The simple operation and the short training period (82% each), the delivery of results conforming to laser standards (50%) and the existence of the component database (47%) were particularly well received.

Therefore, it is not surprising that 100% of the testers in their working environment in the laser market wanted to recommend BeamXpertDESIGNER to others. 54% of the respondents would even recommend BeamXpertDESIGNER without any restrictions - even in the beta version!

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